Designed for Medium and Large Property Management Companies

What is ERP

Is property management software enough for a fast growing company?

If you rely on too many disconnected tools

Your information is distributed between too many tools like CRM, Accounting software, and Property management software that don't cooperate, making it difficult to keep everything up to date and accurate.

You waste time with duplicate data entry

Time is wasted by clicking in and out of multiple tools, manually entering the same data more than once, and you need one source of information that contains accurate, real-time data to help the business grow even faster.

Accounting takes longer and is more difficult

If it takes ages to consolidate or reconcile financial information across systems and through countless accounts, you need to consider how much time is being wasted on tasks that ERP software can handle in an instant.

Current Problems

What EasyRental can do as a rental property management software?

Care what owners and investors care about

What can EasyRental do that regular rental property management software cannot do?

Complex Accounting

  • Multiple Entities in Single G/L
  • Multiple Subsidaries, Branches
  • Eliminate other accounting software
  • Cost Management

Business Intelligence

  • Complex Reports
  • Data Integration
  • Data Collection & Modeling
  • Data Display

Business Process

  • Support Multiple Business Types
  • Support SDK and API
  • Integration with other Solutions
  • Internal Approval Process

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